Saturday, June 20, 2009

Sonny's visit to Greenholme (10)

Jen was here and grooming Sonny before I rolled out of bed this morning, so the poor fellow had to go to work without any breakfast - like he's getting anything other than a tablespoonful of mix on his windowsill. He hadn't polished off all his hay (Ruby leaves NOTHING) so he probably wasn't empty, but he did look a lot more trim than when he arrived a week ago. He needed the lung space however as Jen, having thoroughly brushed out his mane and tail as well as his body, rode him over Pikestoll to Roundthwaite. The idea was to see if the watersplash there was easier to use than the river in Greenholme. It turned out the bank was a bit steep there too (I haven't used it for a month or two) so Jen just walked him around some big puddles until he had to get his feet wet. Then walked him on the other rein, ditto. On the way back they met a sweeper wagon preparing the road for resurfacing, and Sonny stood quietly while it whisked and whined past. They walked back over Pikey and met me and Ruby as we trotted up to Dyke farm. He was more bothered by Felicity's dog Molly, who was running about in the field, than any of the things he had met. He walked quietly on down to Greenholme while I turned Ruby and followed him back. I saw them trotting nicely up the brow to home.

Jen reported he was "running on empty" as far as energy went, which is probably true, but it did wonders for his figure. We brushed both ponies off and turned them out in the paddock, which has a good deal of grass on it, as Graham shut it up for a week to let the docks die back after spraying. They had a couple of hours on there and came in thirsty; when I checked the water tank I found a dead bird in there, so no wonder they didn't drink. I must go and bucket out the decaying remains. Yuck.

Tomorrow's North West Driving Club drive is on, as we all seem to have asked every roadman we met whether they're resurfacing round the village tomorrow - they are not :)

I suggested Jen check Sonny's feet, as if he is being a bit reluctant now on account of them getting short, we might need to Easy-boot him tomorrow on these fresh chippings. Ruby's size 2's fit his back feet, but not the front ones, even though I rasped the outer rim; he didn't bother much about Jen trying the boots on and she turned him out in them so he could accept the feel of them. She's going to ask Ali Morton if she can borrow a pair of her 3's for tomorrow and the remaining week of Sonny's stay with us.

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