Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sonny's visit to Greenholme

My bay Fell mare Ruby had 2 foals with her previous owner and the younger one is "Sonny" an 8 year old brown gelding. Both have Sunday names, as Shacklabank Sonny Boy and Coppyhill Suzanne, but you can forget that for now as "Sonny" and "Ruby" are much shorter to type! Here's Ruby with me driving and Dylan Winter (Radio & TV presenter) as passenger, complete with fluffy mike.

Sonny is a big grown up boy who hasn't done very much work because his owner is a very busy lady with a walking-holiday business (near Sedbergh). We email periodically about the management of her web site (

23 April
I was talking to David Trotter at the weekend and mentioned Sonny and his naughtiness, and David is intrigued. You know how he loves a challenge :)

24 April
Sonny is still out on the tops with Belle both have lost weight thank goodness so ill call David and have a chat then hope to bring him off and walk him to Davids in the next few weeks (if he will have a go!) he would have someone to ride him im sure, the time has come and David understands fells, Sonny knows im a push over and to be honest he is so lovely its a dam shame not to be out on him ...

24 April
That'll be good for Sonny, and I know David likes a challenge. I shall definitely be dropping in on the yard at Tebay to see how the naughty boy is doing. I haven't seen him except at a long distance out in your fields so I'll be keen to make his acquaintance.

23 May
Well its time David said he could fit him in this week so ill contact and then get him up to David and hope all goes well
my main need is to have him straight and be able to ride him..there is a pressure to have him useable  i know this takes time David seems to think it will be no problem and will drive him! im uneasy about this as i know Sonny and his explosive behaviour and his is a creature of flight! however David has a helper and his many years of fells will come through.

1 June
I gather Sunny had a few steckies in the first couple of days but David says he drove him at Lynn's yard today and people were saying how well he was going. I'm hoping to see him in action myself tomorrow afternoon.

7 June

I have your saddle here and DJ says he will drive Sonny over to our place next Sunday (I'm quite busy this week with some teaching and writing stuff, plus web work on Weds; and it is Greenholme Show on Sat) so I can drive him and maybe Jen will ride him. Video here of Sonny working well on the way home.

I wonder what Mum Ruby will think when he arrives!

8 June
you have made my night thanks.... so  whats the plan now are you to have Sonny for a week or so?? and from when
im so thrilled with the pictures and video..

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