Monday, April 29, 2013

Coming soon - Heroes and Villains

Bank Holiday Blog hop

Advance warning! Here are some Blogs to visit where you'll find interesting articles and giveaways over the May bank holiday. I'll have an article and a book giveaway competition for you here on Friday.

    Heroes and Villains blog hop participants

     Please visit - there are goodies available on all links! 

      1 Nyki Blatchley
      2 Martin Bolton
      3 Debra Brown
      4 Adrian Chamberlin
      5 Mike Cooley
      6 Karin Cox
      7 Joanna Fay
      8 Peter B Forster
      9 Ron Fritsch
      10 Mai Griffin
      11 Joanne Hall
      12 Jolea M Harrison
      13 Tinney Sue Heath
      14 Eleni Konstanine
      15 K. Scott Lewis
      16 Paula Lofting
      17 Liz Long
      18 Peter Lukes
      19 Mark McClelland
      20 M. Edward McNally
      21 Sue Millard
      22 Rhiannon Douglas
      23 Ginger Myrick
      24 David Pilling
      25 E M Powell
      26 Kim Rendfeld
      27 Terry L Smith
      28 Tara West
      29 Keith Yatsuhashi
      29 Adrian Chamberlin

      Sue's Victorian Historical Novel can be discovered here - COACHMAN -

      "K M Peyton meets Malcolm MacDonald."

      Good-looking and ambitious George Davenport travels to London with his bride Lucy, determined to make the most of his skill in driving a four-in-hand of horses. It’s 1838. Queen Victoria is crowned, and England is at peace, but it isn't a good time to be a coachman.

      As George finds employment with William Chaplin, the “Napoleon of coaching”, the first railways are about to open across the country. Their competition will kill off the road-coaching trade. George loves both his work and his wife, so he has a lot to come to terms with… even before the boss’s daughter starts to stalk him.

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