Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A good day!

Yesterday was rather a good day writing-wise. I had an article accepted by Best of British Magazine in record quick time (4 hours). I received my copies of "In Memoriam" (and a cheque - don't forget the cheque) from Candlestick Press. See details here: In Memoriam You know how you worry whether an anthology will turn out tacky - well this isn't - it's brilliant.

I am proud to see "Pink" in the company of works by:
Christina Rossetti
Goethe (tr Longfellow)
Michael Rosen
Billy Collins
Anna Wigley
Carol Ann Duffy
Peter POrter
Dylan Thomas
Paul Durcan
Derek Mahon
Wendy Cope
W H Auden
Adrian Mitchell
Jackie Kay
Penelope Shuttle
Robert Burns
Laurence Binyon
John McCrae
Emily Dickinson
Thomas Gray
Mark Twain.

An' ME!
Quite a day, really!

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