Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Nurse! the Screens!

Haven't been posting here for some time, I realise, seeing that the last post was back in April. Blame it on going back to work, and getting various book manuscripts up to scratch. I've also started a writers' group in the village, so have to think of things to do once a month - though that hardly counts as arduous.

At present, I would normally be getting my Fell pony fit and clean for the local shows, but she is taking up a lot of my time for quite another reason - she has an eye problem, and has to live in her stable to stay out of sunshine because it causes her some pain. I imagine it's like cramp in your iris, so it can't be pleasant. I seem to do a lot of application of eye drops (she dislikes them but huffles for the subsequent Polo mint) and am getting fanatical about cleansing my hands with that alcoholic gel stuff. It's amazing how much I rub my OWN eyes too. Probably that's got more to do with being hyper-aware of it than actually doing it more. Mind you the stable has seldom been so well kept, so I suppose there are advantages.

I have to go back to work for a few days next week, and a whole week the week after, so anyone who's not squeamish about a horse with a permanently tearful expression would be welcome to do the midday application of eye drops. Just remember you also need a roll of Polo mints.


Mary Witzl said...

I'd take you up on this if I lived nearby, Sue -- I do like a challenge! Actually, I think I'd try to get my girls to do it. (Yes, I really DO like a challenge!)

Glad to know you're still out there, writing! I was beginning to get worried (until I got your e-mail yesterday).

Sue Millard said...

I'm only blogging cos Graham is late back - I think he's gone to a liquidation sale up near Longtown, with his mate Tony. Whom, if I had him nearer at hand, I might well shoot ... said...

Wonder if I got the right name and password here ?

It seems I have overcome alzheimer's for once and made it !!