Sunday, October 31, 2010

Rubber Gloves

Every evening when I wash up I struggle into my rubber gloves before I set to. If I don't, I get hang-nails and they make life painful, even if I resist the urge to bite them off. But every time I heave and tug at the local shop's gloves, I look at the size details and I wonder...

The pack size says, "Medium". The cuff info says, "7 - 7 1/2". I know my glove size is 8 1/2, so not too long ago I decided I'd buy the next size that was available in the shop's gloves, and bravely bought their "Large". Job sorted, I thought. No such luck. The fingers are an inch too long and the whole thing slides off if I am not careful. "Large" is marked "9 - 9 1/2"!!!

So will someone please tell me, if size 7 is Medium, and size 9 is Large, what do I need to ask for to get a size 8?

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Sue Millard said...

I have found the solution - buy Marigold heavy duty gloves. Their Medium, though marked the same, actually fits.