Monday, October 29, 2007

Read a book

small enough to put in your pocket
available even when the electricity fails
doesn’t need batteries
don’t have to wait for it to boot-up
play at any level you like …

go backward or forward in time
learn from the ancients as well as the moderns
meet people you’d never get to know
feel emotions you’d never experience …

teach your kids …

1 comment:

Mary Witzl said...

This is so true. Plus: books smell great. I just love opening new ones and breathing deeply -- weird, but true.

Almost six years ago, we had a huge power cut here: everything electric was down for a good 24 hours, and people were frantic -- and utterly lost. Poor things: no T.V!

I popped corn (we had a gas-powered Aga back then), played some wonderfully cheesy old records on our old Victrola (we really do have one -- to this day my kids can sing parts of The Sheik of Araby), and we all read books by candlelight and talked. Frankly, I was almost sorry when the electricity came back on. Almost.