Tuesday, July 31, 2012

review: Second Shot by Zoe Sharp

Second Shot (Charlie Fox Thriller, #6)Second Shot by Zoë Sharp

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I find all Zoe's work hard to put down and this didn't break the mould. Second Shot is the first of the Charlie Fox series to introduce a child character into the mix. It shows us a softer side of Charlie's make-up. She obviously can't be a parent as well as doing the work she is naturally fitted for, but guarding a mother with a four-year-old brings her maternal instincts to the fore. That they're distinctly tigerish should be no surprise to readers of this series.

The "second shot" of the title hits Charlie when she hesitates to shoot for fear of hitting, or traumatizing, the child who is being abducted. This is also a narrative in which Charlie's brain has to be more important than her physical skill and military training, since the second half of the book has her opting to continue her work while recuperating from two major gunshot wounds - and no, she doesn't grapple with nightclub bouncers or sprint after wrongdoers in impossibly high heels. That's what I like about Ms Fox - she achieves her results in a realistic manner and with believable emotions, convictions and doubts beneath what she does so well.

Bravo Zoe... now I must go and read the next one.

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Zoë Sharp said...

Thank you, Sue. I'm so glad you enjoyed the book enough to say so in public! Taking away Charlie's physical skills and making her rely on some other way of dealing with trouble was one of my aims of this book.

Either that or I'm just a nasty person who likes to put my main character up a tree and throw rocks at her :)