Monday, July 16, 2012

Grey or God - no contest - by an atheist

Ohhh I can't resist this one. Radio Cumbria says a local hotel is replacing its Gideon Bibles with copies of Mr Grey's 50 Shades (or 150 shades, depending on how strong your stomach is). Seems good publicity for a book that is already getting far more than its fair share. Well phooey to you, Ms James.

Considering that Grey insists, "Thou shalt do this, thou shalt not do that, I'll get angry if thou dost anything (like speak or look at me) without my command, thou shalt have no other friend than me, oh yes and sign on the dotted line please!" there's not a lot of difference between him and JahWeh (Jehovah), is there? Except that JahWeh doesn't also want to screw you.

I'm not keen on characters who are abusive and controlling. If Mr Grey came within my reach I'd probably want to smack his nose backwards to a midpoint between his ears.

That may sound like I don't like sex or sexy books. I do, but that's beside the point. And whether the Bible is "the word of God" or only the word of a committee translated by another committee - which I'm more inclined to - is also beside the point.

The English is so much more beautiful in the Bible. The advice is better in the Bible. The idea of living by being brave and true to your own internal rules is much better exemplified in the Bible. There is no insistence on one spirit being dominant or submissive to another in the Bible. It contains many instances of comfort and care which don't insist on dragging in sex and a distorted view of BDSM as the only solace.

On balance, if I HAVE to have a book chosen for me by a hotel - I'd rather they offered the Bible.

Of course, neither God nor Mr Grey exist.

New Balls please.

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