Friday, August 2, 2013

Ash Tree

"Missing", one of the poems from my pamphlet "Ash Tree", is expected to feature as part of Eden Arts' "Lost Tree" project at Brough Castle, Cumbria in August/September 2013.

I plan to remember my grand-daughter by visiting this installation on the afternoon of 31st August, which would have been her 8th birthday. I will have copies of "Ash Tree" with me. I would be very happy to see you there - though I suspect there won't be many from this group who will be able to!

However, I am very grateful to fellow poet and novelist, Janni Howker, who read many of these poems with me for a poetry project last year (2012) and I thank her for giving me permission to use two of the audio files on my web site, so you can at least hear a couple of them.

The pamphlet/paperback will be available from Prole Books, from the middle of next week (9 August 2013). It will cost £5 plus postage. (We may do a digital version later.)



Richard Abbott said...

Funnily enough Sue it is possible I might be in the Lake District around then. Not certain yet about dates. Is the event open to all or do you have to book? Richard

Sue Millard said...

Hi Richard - it will be open to all. I'd love to see you there.